Saturday, February 6, 2016

Trump's Wish Trumps Hillary

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were on the same flight to participate in a debate in Hawaii, when suddenly the engines stalled and the jet spiraled into a Pacific Ocean splashdown. Donald and Hillary washed up on the shore of a remote desert island, with little hope of rescue. 

While he was combing the beach looking for things he might be able to use for survival, The Donald found a magic lamp buried in the sand. Hillary snatched the lamp away from Donald, quickly rubbed it, and the used her wish to command the lamp's genie to magically transport her to the White House. The genie nodded and Hillary was whisked away in a puff of acrid black smoke. The genie then turned to Trump and hold him that, as the person who had actually found the lamp, he was also entitled to a single wish. Donald thought for a moment and wished that he could trade places with Hillary. 

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