Friday, June 17, 2016

Wanda's Comeback

The elderly comedienne Wanda Sykes performed a comeback attempt in the  Music Box at the Borgata in Atlantic City last weekend, with a new routine consisting mostly of angry verbal attacks on Donald Trump. After a few minutes, her audience began walking out of the show in disgust, with Wanda screaming, “We don’t need your kind” at her departing former fans. However, Wanda managed to finish her routine for the handful of people left in the room, telling several of her nest Donald Trump jokes, including:

  1. Donald Trump is a Nazi.
  2. I hate Donald Trump.
  3. Donald Trump is a racist.
  4. I hate Donald Trump.
  5. Donald Trump is orange.
  6. I hate Donald Trump.
  7. Donald Trump's hair is stupid.
  8. I hate Donald Trump.
  9. Donald Trump is a Nazi.
  10. I hate Donald Trump.

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