Saturday, July 22, 2017

In the Rose Garden

Melania woke President Trump late one night and told him that she thought that she had heard a noise out in the Rose Garden. The Donald strode manfully outside to confront the intruder, only to discover Barack Obama and Reggie Love hiding down low in the bushes. 

The President wryly asked, "Did you forget something, Barry?" 

Obama stammered out a cover, "Uh, er, uh, we, er, uh, just wanted to, er, uh, ask you, uh,  a question, Mr. President."

President Trump generously pretended to believe the wretched couple, "What's that, Barry?"

Obama prevaricated, "I heard that, uh, you've been, er, creating hundreds, uh, er, of thousands of, uh, private sector jobs."

The President replied, "Yes, that's true. So what's your question?"

Obama asked, "What's a private sector?"

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